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Book Cheap & Discount Airline Tickets with ASAP Flight Deals

Cheap flights for 2023 domestic and international travel. 

Let me tell you that you are not the only one who looks and searches for cheap airfares as and when you plan to book a plane ticket. In fact, each month over 4.09 million people search for cheap airline tickets in the USA when it comes to booking flight tickets. And in the last 12 months, June 2021 was the most active month when over 4.2 million searches for cheap flights were performed. And the most active age group is in the range of 35-34 years, who performed nearly 53 percent of total cheap flight searches. Whereas people who are in the age group of 35-44 perform nearly 27 percent of cheap flight searches. 

An interesting fact came to the fore when I looked at the search volume and devices that potential users use for cheap flights. Nearly 2.1 million searches for cheap flights are performed on desktop and nearly 1.9 million searches are performed on mobile. 

Which device do you use when you look for cheap airline tickets or discount airfares? Let us know. 

Indeed, it is a huge number, and these travelers not only look for websites and apps to book a cheap ticket for their next flight but also use numerous ways to make their flight ticket as low as possible like finding discount tickets, using their travel points, negotiating with travel agents and a lot more. All to ensure that you get the lowest possible cheap flight for various destinations across the globe.  

Global demand for cheap flights: 

If we club all searches related to cheap flights like cheap tickets, cheap Airline tickets, Flight tickets, plane tickets, cheap airfares then the total search volume is over 5.5 million per month. And one more thing the above data is for the USA only. Imagine the searches per month if we also include global searches for cheap flights. These numbers are staggering and demand for cheap flights is likely to pick up as covid ebbs and the quest to travel will resurface again. In fact it is just not the demand for cheap economy flights, the demand for cheap business class flights is also rising. 

It is expected that as travel picks up again there will be over 20% more increase in searches for cheap flights term alone and it should not come as a surprise if this key alone becomes one of the top most searched keywords in a month. It will be interesting if it can go up to over 6 million searches per month. And if this happens it will be one of the best this thing for the entire travel community including airlines, which are have suffered unprecedented losses due to the pandemic.

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