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The Man Who Broke Twenty-One World Records With Traveling

In 2016, we had a great opportunity to arrange a complex multi-city flight for a very inspiring person - Brother Michael Bartlett. He is a passionate traveler and a various Guinness World Record owner from the United Kingdom. Michael’s enthusiasm for travel and everlasting ambition to reach new heights is an inspiration to all of us at ASAP Tickets.

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Last November with our assistance, Michael Bartlett flew from Shanghai to Auckland, Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and back to Shanghai in 57 hours and 17 minutes. His multi-city trip broke the circumnavigation of the globe – ANTIPODAL (local) record by one hour and 27 minutes and earned him his twenty-first world record.

Michael Bartlett

The Story of The Flying Monk

Michael Bartlett was born on 14th October 1940 - the same day as British pop singer Sir Cliff Richard. He was a Lancashire lad, educated at a Blue Coat School in Manchester and for a few years a chorister in the Cathedral Choir. Michael spent 10 years working and volunteering in South Africa and has been frequently visiting his South African friends ever since.

I was always interested in travel. As a youngster, I went camping far on a bicycle, a bus, and a train. Planes were rare those days. I found my first interest in air travel back in 1969 when I was given an opportunity to do a 6 months voluntary service in South Africa - Zululand. Since then I’ve built a long list of airlines I’ve traveled with and countries I’ve visited.

Start of The Record-Breaking Journey

Micheal set himself a target to get into the Guinness Book of Records when David Springbett set the record by flying around the world and across the Atlantic Ocean in 1983.

My colleagues didn’t believe me, but I said I would do it – and I did. Not so long after, I won a Guinness World Records certificate and entered the Guinness Book of Records 1990 edition. My motto is ‘Achievement is the fruit of effort' from President Jonathan of Lesotho.

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Since then, one record-breaking journey has led to another. So far, Michael Bartlett has flown around the world fifteen times, received 17 Certificates issued by the Guinness World Records which includes various round-the-world trips (6 continents, antipodal and fastest with one airline), the most flights in one day and one month, the world’s longest airline ticket, flying around the EEC (European Economic Community) when it consisted of 12 countries, and again when the European Union consisted of 25 countries.

Two of Michael's records were shown on the BBC’s Record Breakers TV show.

Round-the-world Flight Complexity

Why did I book my multi-city flight through a travel agent? Because when you’re searching for a ‘circumnavigation of the globe’ adventure you need to be in contact with someone who has the resources to enquire and answer all your questions. ASAP Tickets came close to the top when I searched for ‘RTW fares’ on Google. I liked their website so I chose ASAP Tickets and placed an enquiry.

We are happy that our team had the chance to assist Michael Bartlett with his record-breaking round the world trip. What’s next on Michael’s list? He plans to fly around the world again. This time through all six continents in less than 62 hours.


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